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Window Wells

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Window Well Installation

Montreal, Laval, South Shore

Window Wells are usually installed when the window is below or close to the earth line. The reason they are installed is to drain water away from the window. When the water does not drain fast enough, water pressure along the window frame can cause minor to major leakage into the basement. A proper Window Well drainage system is a method of foundation waterproofing that can resolve these problems. The drainage system is comprised not just by a well, the complete system involves setting up steps so the water is drained away from the window, through clean crushed gravel, to the geotextile wrapped weeping tile which is sloped to either a sump pit or directly to a storm drain. More recently installed French Drains also have a "Cleanout" which is several inches below the surface of the gravel pit and allows inspection of the entire system. Failure to setup the system properly can result in slow drainage and the water rising up to and against the window frame and the window itself At times buildings also develop cracks around the windows when settling, ask your Akton representative about proper crack injection methods and Delta MS drainage board that stops water pressure against the foundation and guarantees a dry basement.

Window Well Drainage & Window Well Drains

Improper window well installation, improper window well drainage, lack of a window well on a foundation where a window is below grade (below the level of the earth) is a primary reason for leaks into basements in the Quebec region. Our team of foundation drainage specialists can determine the best solution for resolving water infiltration. If you already have window wells installed our team will check if your window well drain is clogged or if the stone in the window well does not provide adequate drainage. If sediment has built up in the window well blocking the crushed gravel or built up over time in your French Drain (weeping tile system) a camera inspection can help determine the best solution.

Window Well Drainage Repairs & Weeping Tile Inspection

If you have a window well and there is water building up you may want to have a camera inspection of your French Drain. Older terracotta French Drains and weeping tile systems that do no have a geofabric textile wrap can be blocked by sediment. Our team can check to see if a window well cleanout has been installed and then use it to inspect your French Drains for any blockages.

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