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Sump Pump

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Essentially, as groundwater level rises it’s diverted into a catch basin. When the water level reaches a ‘critical level’ the Sump Pump will automatically begin to pump the water out through a pipe before the water reaches the basement floor. Once the water returns to a ‘normal level’ the pump automatically turns off. A Sump Pump is a vital part of most waterproofing systems because if the pump malfunctions the system will fail. In the end a proper sump pump can save you thousands of dollars in the long run by protecting you from water damages.

Sump Pump Backups

Since a Sump Pump is generally hardwired or plugged in, ideally, homes should have a battery backup in the event the electricity fails. At Akton Injection we strongly suggest that it is better to be safe than sorry and recommend the installation of a battery driven backup to act in times of emergency. The backup runs on a battery charger that is kept topped up in case of a power outage. The battery charger will kick on when all power fails and power the backup sump pump. Remember to always test that the battery is still good before spring melt and fall rains. Installation of this type of secondary system will ensure a safe home.

If you have already lived through a flooded basement, then you know how much damage it can cause. Even an inch of water can take hours to clean up and can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your belongings, not to mention the threat of mould caused by the excess moisture. Installing a quality sump pump and backup in your basement is your best defense to prevent flooding.

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