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Basement Lowering

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Lowering your Basement Renovations

Montreal, West Island, Laval & South Shore

So you are considering lowering your basement. Not a small job and it requires professionals who are specialized in managing concrete, have a detailed knowledge of underpinning, access to certified structural engineers, and are used to dealing with getting the proper municipal building permits. Not to mention our team has the proper Regi de Batiment licence, deal with municipal inspections as well as have necessary staff and equipment. Akton is the right choice for the job, we are the foundation specialists and our warranty is backed by over 35 years in the business. Don't trust fly by night contractors with the safety of your family. We are properly insured and bonded for any work that is done on your foundation.

Underpinning the Foundation Walls

If your basement is unfinished and has a low ceiling height, then underpinning or benching to add height to the basement is a valuable investment. Our team of foundation specialists can add an enormous amount of living space to your home. Underpinning your existing foundation means that we are digging out the the basement in sections and adding a new foundation footing and wall directly underneath your existing cement foundation wall. The old and new walls are "sistered" together using steel rods called rebar drilled into the base of the existing concrete.

Basement Excavation - Digging out your Basement

Our team have has multiple options to dig out your basement. The most time intensive is digging it out by hand. We have an extensive personnel prepared for the difficult work required. Alternatively space and weather permitting, our staff can remove an outside wall and use a mini excavator to remove the excess dirt.

Basement Lowering Renovation Financing

Lowering your basement can be an expensive undertaking, ask your Akton representative regarding financing options for your basement renovation project.

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