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Interior French Drain

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Interior French Drain

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Interior Perimeter Drain

Interior Perimeter Drains or "French Drains inside the basement" around the perimeter of the foundation footing is the great line of defense against groundwater if you cannot do an exterior French Drain . The reason why we suggest this method as a secondary solution, is because an Interior French Drain does give you a dry basement but does not protect the foundation walls against future deterioration.  Membranes on the outside of the foundation, cut off wear and tear  from water pressure.

Interior Basement Systems

Our interior French Drains are installed beside the footing to intercept groundwater before it penetrates the building and not just a gutter system that collects the water after it drips down the wall.  In our experience we have seen that water comes from two sources, water coming through the wall OR groundwater pushing upwards from underneath the concrete slab.  Our system covers both these problems.  

Interior French Drain Installation

To create a French drainage system inside your home, we first breakout the basement floor along the perimeter of the wall all the way beside the footing of the foundation.  We then cleanout and slope a trench to the sump pump pit that we create.  A dimpled plastic membrane called Delta-MS is installed fully sealing the foundation and directing incoming water into the trench.  We install a perforated French Drain around the perimeter to direct the water into the sump pump pit.  The trench is filled with 3/4 inch clean gravel to protect the drain and help the flow of the water.  Finally the floor is re-cemented and our staff removes any excess debris.

Steps to install an Interior French Drain

Step 1: Breakout the floor approximately 12" deep and 12" wide around the perimeter.

Step 2: Cleanout trench with proper slope to the sump pump pit.

Step 3: Create sump pump pit.

Step 4: Apply wall drain and protection board (DELTA MS).

Step 5: Lay down the french drain (weeping tile) wrapped with a geotextile protection cloth.

Step 6: Connect french drain to existing drain or create sump pump pit.

Step 7: Cover the drain with 3/4" gravel.

Step 8: Re-cement floor.

Step 9: Remove all excess earth & clean work area.

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