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Basement Floor Replacement

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Basement Floors

Montreal, Laval & South Shore

Basement Slab Replacement

Basement slabs take a lot of abuse. They have to support heavy furniture, lots of foot traffic and resist exterior freeze and thaw cycles from our arduous Montreal winters. But a concrete slab that has been properly installed and cured should provide years of crack-free issues even under the most intensive conditions. If your basement slab is cracked or broken by frost heave, settling, pyrite damage or incorrect installation, give Akton a call. Our team of highly skilled concrete slab contractors has been specializing in basement floors and offer a solid warranty backed by over 30 years in the business. Read more on our Basement Slab Replacement page.

Basement Pyrite Removal

The only way to repair cracks caused by pyrite under the basement slab is to 1st remove the concrete slab, then remove the existing gravel. Once the removal of the old concrete floor and gravel is completed, add new gravel and pour a new concrete garage or basement floor. If someone replaces the slab without replacing the gravel it is possible the slab could crack again. Read more on our Basement Pyrite Removal page.

Lowering your Basement

If your basement is unfinished and has a low ceiling height, then underpinning or benching to add height to the basement is a valuable investment. Our team of foundation specialists can add an enormous amount of living space to your home. Underpinning your existing foundation means that we are digging out the the basement in sections and adding a new foundation footing and wall directly underneath your existing cement foundation wall. The old and new walls are "sistered" together using steel rods called rebar drilled into the base of the existing concrete. Read more on our Lowering your Basement page.

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